Our Services


Design — Whether serving the individual who wants to accumulate wealth while managing risk or the retiree who wants to make their "rest of their life money" last a lifetime, we design pro­grams to help our clients potentially achieve their desired retirement lifestyle.

Retirement Analysis — We will look at your current situation, answer questions, listen to your personal needs and assess the risk and health of your portfolio.  Sometimes folks just want to get a second opinion, other times certain circumstances lead to the need for a change. 



Review — Many of our clients are set up on a regular review schedule that may be quarterly or annually.  We feel that it is necessary to meet regularly in order to review and develop a plan for the future if needed.  Remember what life was like 10 years ago?  How many changes have there been in the last year?  Preventative maintenance is important to your vehicle and your health, as it should be, we feel, to your retirement.